Tourism panel catches hail from Pilgrimage storm

BOB PALMER Jimplecute Editor When torrential rains forced cancellation of The Battle for Jefferson during Pilgrimage weekend, storm clouds blew into the Jefferson Tourism Committee Meeting on Monday. “The Tourism Board should not hand out grants to folks who do not have a backup plan,” Kristin Aldredge, representing the Chamber of Commerce, told the panel.… Read More Tourism panel catches hail from Pilgrimage storm

Diamond Bessie shines again

In five sold-out performances during Pilgrimage weekend, the “Diamond Bessie Murder Trial” charmed and entertained. This was the 62nd consecutive year for the Jefferson tradition mixing music, laughs and local humor. In the top photo, grave digger Sam (Jimmy Moore) tells Jim (Joshua Grubbs) the story of Bessie’s murder while a sobbing Abe Rothchild (David Ham) grieves at her grave. Kimberly Parsons as Bessie’s ghost provides a musical interlude and Judge Estus (Skip Torrans)… Read More Diamond Bessie shines again