Weekly Devotional | December 7, 2017

Right response to gifts Morning came again. And again, a priceless gift awaited as my conscientious mind grinded into gear. Wow! Another gift for me, again! How do I respond? Should I respond? Surely, who deserves gifts more than me. Why not accumulate all my responses and wait ‘til one day a year and then respond. Hmmm…What is the right response to a gift given?… Read More Weekly Devotional | December 7, 2017

Weekly Devotional – November 9, 2017

Honoring our Veterans with prayer Beth Patch – Senior Producer at CBN Two decades after World War I, which officially ended November 11, 1918, the U.S. passed legislation to have a legal holiday on each November 11th, honoring veterans who served in that war. As time marched on and more wars were fought, Veterans Day became a national holiday honoring American… Read More Weekly Devotional – November 9, 2017

Weekly Devotional | October 5, 2017

Overcoming Fear in Troubled Times, Part I We are living in troubled times of biblical proportions. There’s increasing civil unrest around the world; wars and rumors of wars, murders, terrorist acts, famines, and on. Sickness and disease terrorize us at an epidemic level; cancers, diabetes, viruses, blood disorders, etc… All this even with Affordable Health… Read More Weekly Devotional | October 5, 2017