Weekly Devotional | Who Hijacked Easter?

Bunnies, eggs, lilies, and enough candy to keep all the dentists in Texas busy. The card racks are filled with saying such as “Have an Egg-cellent Easter” and “Hoppy Easter” and “Egg-static about Easter!” This writer loves cards and decorations as much as the next person and really adores all the seasonal chocolates and candy.… Read More Weekly Devotional | Who Hijacked Easter?

Weekly Devotional | A Special Valentine Combination

Two years ago, this writer was sitting outside of a large grocery store on Valentine’s evening near closing time. Several customers hurriedly exited with balloons and flowers. Even though they waited until the last-minute, they still wanted to show love to a special somebody. Lots of money will be spent this week on flowers, candy,… Read More Weekly Devotional | A Special Valentine Combination