Weekly Devotional | February 15, 2018

Luke 15:11-24 The limitations of the English language at times diminish our understanding of scriptural concepts. For instance, there is only one word for love in English, but the New Testament uses two different Greek words. One of them, phileo, refers to brotherly concern and affection, but the more powerful term agape signifies a sacrificial commitment to another’s satisfaction, security, and development. This is the kind of love that… Read More Weekly Devotional | February 15, 2018

Weekly Devotional | December 7, 2017

Right response to gifts Morning came again. And again, a priceless gift awaited as my conscientious mind grinded into gear. Wow! Another gift for me, again! How do I respond? Should I respond? Surely, who deserves gifts more than me. Why not accumulate all my responses and wait ‘til one day a year and then respond. Hmmm…What is the right response to a gift given?… Read More Weekly Devotional | December 7, 2017