Rev. Seth Buckner Give up desserts? Or cheeseburgers? How about french fries? No problem for the Olympic athletes that are competing in Rio this year. These men and women consider sacrifices a small price to pay to stand at the top of the podium, hear their national anthem, and have a gold medal placed around their neck. Many athletes have sacrificed time with their family and… Read More WEEKLY DEVOTIONALS | A Golden Sacrifice

Weekly Devotional | FAITHLIFTS: “Eye-for-an-Eye”

In the aftermath of the tragic deaths of the police officers in Dallas, the Chief reported the shooter was angry at police and was going to retaliate by killing white officers. Secretary Johnson of the Homeland Security observed: “That principle of an eye-for-an-eye leaves everyone blind.” And to that I might add: And then we can’t ever see eye-to-eye! This principle, “an eye for an… Read More Weekly Devotional | FAITHLIFTS: “Eye-for-an-Eye”

WEEKLY DEVOTIONALS | “A Blessed Nation is a Godly Nation”

Rev. Seth Buckner As Independence Day approaches, we need to be thankful for the freedom that we have experienced in our generation. We have never known slavery. We have never suffered through Communism. Other than September 11th, we have witnessed few of the horrors that past generations have had to endure. It is a joy to wake up each morning and know that we each… Read More WEEKLY DEVOTIONALS | “A Blessed Nation is a Godly Nation”

Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist VBS

After a successful series of VBS studies about being “Submerged” in Christ, the participants gathered as leaders and students as a memory of the fun they had together and the Bible topics they had covered. (Please contact us today for a print or email subscription to the Jefferson Jimplecute! — (903) 665-2462, JIMPLECUTE1848@GMAIL.COM)  

WEEKLY DEVOTIONALS | “Everything Good is Not Instant”

Rev. Seth Buckner “Hear me speedily, O LORD: my spirit faileth: hide not thy face from me, lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit.” Psalm 143:7 We live in a generation that wants everything instantly, don’t we? Can you imagine life without a microwave? How about highspeed wireless internet? Many are disappointed if our food does not arrive quickly… Read More WEEKLY DEVOTIONALS | “Everything Good is Not Instant”

Mims Chapel UMC bids farewell to Rev. Kennedy

Courtesy of Donna Paul, Mims United Methodist Church The Reverend David L. Kennedy has been appointed to serve at the Wells, Texas church beginning with the worship service at 11 a.m. on July 3, 2016. Pastor Kennedy, a Marshall native and graduate of Texas A&M University is currently serving Mims Chapel UMC at Lake O’ the Pines. The average length of service in the Methodist… Read More Mims Chapel UMC bids farewell to Rev. Kennedy

FBC Bible School ends their trip through Egypt

Courtesy Photos by Wendy Shelton Youngsters who attended FBC Bible School in Jefferson last week followed the journey of Joseph, experiencing the thrill of visiting ancient Egypt! They joined Joseph as he swatted away scorpions in a dark prison cell…strolled through the golden splendor of Pharaoh’s palace… experiencing exotic sights and smells in an Egyptian bazaar… carried away… Read More FBC Bible School ends their trip through Egypt