Financial Focus – December 14, 2017

Time to Review Your Investment Strategy for the Year As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to review your progress toward your financial goals. But on what areas should you focus your attention? Of course, you may immediately think about whether your investments have done well. When evaluating the performance of their investments for a given… Read More Financial Focus – December 14, 2017

Financial Focus | October 26, 2017

Does market volatility scare you? Halloween is almost upon us. Of course, on Halloween night, you may see a parade of monsters, demons, Transformers and other frightening individuals stopping by your house, exercising their right to demand candy. Fortunately, their appearance will be unlikely to cause you unpleasant dreams. But some people seem to have… Read More Financial Focus | October 26, 2017

Financial Focus | October 5, 2017

Consider multiple factors when creating retirement plans When you create your financial and investment strategies for retirement, what will you need to know? In other words, what factors should you consider, and how will these factors affect your investment-related decisions, before and during your retirement? Consider the following: Age at retirement – Not surprisingly, your… Read More Financial Focus | October 5, 2017