Getting It Right

We did cringe when Jason Carroll was named Jefferson’s chief of police. We had no advance knowledge that he would have to resign after making a silly social media post last week. What bothered us was that no one else had been interviewed for the job despite several apparently credible applications. The interview and selection… Read More Getting It Right

Strict Enforcement of New Game Room Regs Essential

County commissioners recently adopted a strong set of regulations to govern game room operations in Marion County. It rests with the Sheriff’s Department to enforce the new rules which will benefit public, game room patrons and legitimate game room operators. Game rooms too often appear to be hermit crabs moving into abandoned shells for brief… Read More Strict Enforcement of New Game Room Regs Essential

Shelter In Place Order Is the Right Thing to Do

Kudos to Marion County Judge Leward LaFleur and Jefferson Mayor pro tem Victor Perot for issuing “Shelter In Place” orders this week to combat the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which causes the deadly disease COVID-19. Our community’s leadership took this bold step although no confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been found in Marion County. As Judge… Read More Shelter In Place Order Is the Right Thing to Do

Pulling Together

Following the publication of last week’s Jimp with Bob Palmer’s column urging the relocation of the Confederate statue from the Courthouse lawn to the Jefferson Historical Museum, Marion County Sheriff David McKnight made a not-so-veiled threat to arrest Palmer. “I am making a firm promise and commitment–and you can write this in blood–as long as… Read More Pulling Together