Financial Focus – December 14, 2017

Time to Review Your Investment Strategy for the Year As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to review your progress toward your financial goals. But on what areas should you focus your attention? Of course, you may immediately think about whether your investments have done well. When evaluating the performance of their investments for a given… Read More Financial Focus – December 14, 2017

Letter To The Editor – December 14, 2017

RARE EUROPEAN ART EXHIBIT IN FT WORTH of interest to Jefferson area residents all during December Having friends in Jefferson, I was telling one about an exceptionally rare European art exhibit that I recently saw at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, titled “Casanova and the Seduction of Europe.” But don’t let that title… Read More Letter To The Editor – December 14, 2017

Weekly Devotional | December 7, 2017

Right response to gifts Morning came again. And again, a priceless gift awaited as my conscientious mind grinded into gear. Wow! Another gift for me, again! How do I respond? Should I respond? Surely, who deserves gifts more than me. Why not accumulate all my responses and wait ‘til one day a year and then respond. Hmmm…What is the right response to a gift given?… Read More Weekly Devotional | December 7, 2017