Financial Focus | June 15, 2017

Diversify with bonds (even if rates are low)   If you’ve needed a mortgage or another type of loan over the past several years, you’ve probably appreciated the historically low interest rates we’ve experienced. But if you’ve wanted to own fixed-rate investments, such as bonds, you might have been less pleased at the low-rate environment. Now, interest rates may be moving… Read More Financial Focus | June 15, 2017

History Moment By William “Doc” Halliday

First Ice Cream Factory I scream…you scream…we all scream for Ice Cream! Doesn’t everyone love ice cream? Today the average American eats about 23 quarts of ice cream a year―the world’s highest per capita consumption. When I was a child my father would take our family for a Sunday afternoon drive. The highlight of our drive was a stop at… Read More History Moment By William “Doc” Halliday