County Moves Closer to No Parking Zones on Roads

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JEFFERSON – Assistant County Attorney Bill Gleason advised Marion County commissioners Monday existing state law already gives them the authority to ban parking on county roads.

At the last two commissioners court meetings, Commissioner Charlie Treadwell sought a resolution to stop vehicles from using county roads as their parking spaces.

Gleason told the court that a new ordinance was not needed, but some signs will be.

“There are regulations regarding parking and they are state regulations,” Gleason said. “ You can prohibit parking on the county road’s roadway, but there has to be a sign posted in the area that is affected that warns of the consequences. I think you can post it on the road that is affected.”

Without the signs cars could still park as long as the right wheels were 18 inches off the pavement.

“The remainder of the vehicle can be on the road?” Treadwell asked. Gleason confirmed that it would.

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“Eighteen Inches is not going to help us much,” Commissioner Joe McKnight observed.

“We have some narrow right of ways in some of these subdivisions,” Treadwell explained. “We have a road, a very small shoulder and then ditch.”

Gleason said the rule envisioned someone needing to pull over to change a tire or stop for a short period of time.

“You have people using [the road] to park and then go to the house,” Gleason agreed..

Gleason offered a solution.

“I think you can post it on the road that is affected,” Gleason said. The attorney said the sign should make clear that vehicles left there were subject to being towed, but a deputy sheriff or constable could also issue the offender a ticket.

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Commissioners agreed to survey their precincts and discuss at their next meeting what areas needed signage.

New Truck

Commissioners purchased a 2020 RAM 1500 crew cab for the Marion County Sheriff’s Department for $27,623 from the Sheriff’s Association of Texas.

Treadwell questioned why the county was not making the purchase through buying associations with the Texas Association of Counties or School Board Association. 

“A lot of people are starting to go through this Sheriff’s Association,” Auditor Shanon Solomon said. She explained that she had checked out the Sheriff’s Association and their price was lower than what Morris County paid through one of the other buying groups.

“So it’s a different co-op, but it’s the same thing,” Treadwell concluded.

Change orders totalling more than $11,000 were approved for the Courthouse restoration project that would replace cracked parapet stones and pay for the removal of refuse.

The donation of three U-60 ultraviolet sterilization lamps was accepted. Solomon said she did not know who the donor was.

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