Economy Takes Patience


Oklahoma residents showed more sense last weekend than Donald Trump expected. The major Tulsa event to celebrate a reborn economy and relaunch the 2020 re-election campaign fizzled.

After promising a packed house with a million tickets sold, Trump looked out on a sea of empty seats. The size of the 19,000-seat BOK Center made the 6,200 in attendance seem less than the number of fans at a junior high basketball game.

Word around Washington is that Trump is furious. The orange-topped mountain is blowing its top, but the prez needs to tamp down the expletives and realize the people north of the Red River were just smarter than he was.

To attend the rally Trumpistas were asked to ignore a resurging COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests.

Having 19,000 chanting, screaming unmasked fans packed into an arena, even if they had their temperature checked, is not the brightest idea when you are fighting a highly contagious disease.

Those Okies sure knew that even if the Trump campaign couldn’t figure it out.The rally was also portrayed as an antidote to economic timidity to coincide with states easing pandemic restrictions.

Certainly, being a fiscal cheerleader and waving the spend now flag is part of Trump’s role as encourager-in-chief. He needs to work on his timing, however.

Last week Ray Perryman, a noted Texas economist, told the Jimp that the state’s economy should recover in a matter of months, not years. He had one huge caveat, though. “It is imperative that sensible precautions continue so that additional shutdowns can be avoided,” Perryman said.

The Lindale native emphasized that it is important that the reopening be able to continue in a manner that avoids major spikes in the virus that necessitate additional curtailments. “For areas like Jefferson, recovery in the general (tourism) industry will lead to increased tourism activity,” Perryman explained.

“As people feel more comfortable traveling and see signs that it is opening up safely, all tourism destinations will benefit.”

Certainly, Trump wants to kick-start his campaign. He desires to be perceived as having caused the coming recovery, not just surfed along with the wave. Those are his needs. Apparently, he wasn’t much concerned about what Oklahomians needed.

We need to exercise patience with this pandemic and the economy, then at the right moment a leader can make the magic happen. Even Capt. Bonespurs should be able to figure that out.

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