Sheltering from COVID-19 Gives Woman Chance to Prepare New Thrift Store

Marion County Folks Tell the Jimp About Dealing with Unusual Times

Coping Sandy KellerBy BOB PALMER
Jimplecute News Editor

JEFFERSON – Sandy Keller will tell you at first that her life has not changed much in the last few weeks.

“I’m not going into stores,” Keller said. “I bought about a month’s worth of groceries the last time I went. I haven’t been in a store in a couple of weeks.”

Then she mentions preparing a thrift store for opening.

Keller and four other women from Jefferson Central Seventh Day Adventist Church hope to open Cross Threads Thrift Store once the pandemic lifts.

“The thrift store will be where the flea market used to be across Highway 49 from the Primary School,” Keller said . “We are getting the building ready and refurbished.”

With three and a half acres, there is plenty of space for the families to work without violating social distancing rules.

“One can be working on the storage building while I’m on the mower or clearing the fence row,” Keller explained.. 

The space also comes in handy for other uses.

“We will have drive-in church here this Saturday,” Keller said.

Keller believes God has led the five women [which also means their husbands and tools]. She notes the number of generous donations from people responding to Facebook posts of items the group needed.

Although Cross Threads is a nonprofit organization, separate from their church, they see the thrift store as forwarding the work of the church.

“We want to get into the community,” Keller said. “A thrift store is a proven tool.”

Although the plan calls for the store to sell items, the inventory can be used for another purpose.

“We will be able to help with burnouts and other people in need,” Keller said.

Sandy and her husband Carl, who is semi-retired, also have their day jobs with Bulldog Contractors.

“We’re staying pretty busy,” Sandy said. “We get lots of calls for pumping septic tanks.”

The demand stems from the shelter in place order from state and county.

“People are home for long periods of time now,” Sandy explained. “With all this rain, if a septic system is on the verge of failing, it will.”

Between septic tanks and a thrift store, Sandy has found plenty to do.

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