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jhsBy Austin Farmer
JHS Campus Editor

JEFFERSON – Katelyn Mutai is currently a junior at Jefferson High School and will be the next JHS Photo Editor next year in the Bulldog Beacon. Katelyn is a JHS Strutter manager, member of the Dawg Pound Paint Crew, and a member of the JHS National Honor Society. A fun fact about Katelyn is she participated in the clinicals program this year in the JHS Health Science Practicum. The Bulldog Beacon took some time to interview the future Photo Editor.

Bulldog Beacon: What is your favorite part of managing the JHS Strutters?

Katelyn: Knowing that they can count on me and having different responsibilities.

Bulldog Beacon: What are some hobbies that you do outside of JHS?

Katelyn: When I am not working, I love photography. I do family photoshoots, weddings, birthdays, and senior pictures.

Bulldog Beacon: What is your favorite school subject?

Katelyn: My favorite school subject is history around WWII.

Bulldog Beacon: What is your favorite food?

Katelyn: My favorite food is quesadillas.

Bulldog Beacon: When did you first become interested in photo editing for the Bulldog Beacon?

Katelyn: I became interested when my classmate, and future Campus Editor, Mekhi Powell mentioned it to me. I already take pictures on the sidelines on Friday nights for the Bulldogs and many people started to notice me as an aspiring photographer. I love the community and our school so being able to combine my hobby with the things I love means a lot to me.

Bulldog Beacon: What is your favorite JHS sport to watch?

Katelyn: Football!

Bulldog Beacon: What do you want to do when you grow up?

Katelyn: I’m not sure what I want to be yet but I am looking into forensics since I am interested in the medical and law enforcement field.

Bulldog Beacon: What college do you want to attend after high school?

Katelyn: Oklahoma State University.

Bulldog Beacon:What is your favorite book series and movie?

Katelyn: My favorite book series is The Hunger Games and my favorite movie is The Hate U Give.

Bulldog Beacon: What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?

Katelyn: Being able to balance my school work at home while serving the community as a cashier at Brookshires during this stressful time.

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