Marion County Couple Misses Dining in Jefferson During Crisis

Marion County Folks Tell the Jimp About Dealing with Unusual Times

Mastercraft Coping Sponsorship April 2020 Sample2By BOB PALMER
Jimplecute News Editor

JEFFERSON – Jack and Delilah Rasberry look forward to Jefferson restaurants reopening.

“I’m accustomed to eating in a restaurant about once a day,” Jack told the Jimp. “Now there is only a takeout. It’s not the same.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced other changes to their lives.

“It’s kind of slowed me down a little bit,” Jack said. “We’re pretty much staying in. I’m careful when at the grocery store. My hair is growing long and hers needs fixing.”

Not going out much is not a new concept for the Rasberrys. Delilah can not walk and is wheelchair-bound.

“We’re missing church, anyway,” Jack said. “We are also missing other social activities.”

With blended families, Jack and Delilah are concerned about other family members. So far none have contracted COVID-19 although at least one is in Central Asia.

Clint Rasberry is a Baptist missionary along with his wife and three children in one of the former Soviet republic countries.

“I worry about him,” Jack said. “The town he is in doesn’t have a hospital. When you go see the doctor, you have to take your own medicine. Still, all are doing well. All doing fine.”

Jack, who cooks for the family, reads his Bible and watches some television. He also works in the garden. Delilah has three books on angels she enjoys.

“We’re blessed, actually,” Jack said.

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