Pastor, Wife Go on Date for Break from COVID Sheltering

Marion County Folks Tell the Jimp About Dealing with Unusual Times

William ScottBy BOB PALMER
Jimplecute News Editor

JEFFERSON – After days of sheltering in place, William and Becky Scott needed a change.

“I jumped on one of my horses and she jumped on a quad and we rolled up to our pasture,” William related. “We had a date right there under the barn looking out on our hay meadow. We had a great time.”

William Scott, who serves as pastor of Berean Baptist Church, spoke with the Jimp Monday from what he described as his office.

“It’s my bass boat,” William laughed, noting that he was floating at the time on Lake O’ the Pines.

He and Becky, however, have complied with the different rules brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We try to be obedient to the civil authorities,” William said, citing Romans 13: 1-7 as biblical instruction for following the rules. “We practice social distancing. We try to stay in as much as possible.”

The pastor noted that while a person may not care for President Trump, or another elected official, their orders should still be followed.

William believes those who defy socialization and travel guidelines are definitely rebuked in Scripture.

“Yes, the Bible says you should not tempt the Lord, thy God,” Pastor Scott said. “Why would you expose yourself to something that would harm you. You are actually not in keeping with Scripture when you expose yourself to things that could harm you in an attempt to prove God. You are out of order on that.”

Just because William and Becky are cautious does not mean they fear or are uncertain about their final destination.

“People who are frantic and basically having a hair fire are those who have no security for tomorrow,” Pastor Scott said. “Because I am a child of God, I know what tomorrow holds for me. Today will not overwhelm me. It will not discombobulate me.”

Church services at Berean Baptist are now telephone conference calls.

Sounding a lot like Gunny Highway in “Heartbreak Ridge,” Pastor Scott, a former United States Marine, noted, “We adjusted. We adapted.”

The Scotts have plenty to do.

“Living in the country, our time is occupied. I have two horses and two dogs,” William explained. He is also catching up on building fences. Becky is writing a book and tends her flower beds and strawberry patch. 

“We’re restricting ourselves,” Pastor Scott said. “We’re both hovering around the age of 60 and don’t have major health issues; We seek to live within the guidelines.”

William sees the shelter in place order as a chance for families to draw closer together.

“This gives families an opportunity to get away from the noise of the world,” he said. “If you can not enjoy your own company, you need to find out why.”

Pastor Scott and Becky also help provide for neighbors both in and outside the church family. Pastor While also thinks his life experience helps him tolerate the inconveniences and distractions of these days.

“I must say without a doubt the Marine Corps helped me,” he said. “Being prepared is the key. You don’t start preparing once the battle is upon you. We purchase in bulk. We have resources stored.”

They have another activity, as well.

“Much of our time is spent meditating on God’s word,” William said. “Waiting to hear from Him.”

And then there is the occasional date or trip on the bass boat.

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  1. I thank Pastor Scott for his message concerning faith in God and following the Governments instructions to get us through this pandemic. You do not have to like the President, in office, but he is our elected Leader and we are to follow the Law of the Land. Pastor Scott’s message is most appreciated at this time. Amen!!

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