COVID-19 Costs Woman Her Day Job, But She Keeps Positive Attitude

Marion County Folks Tell the Jimp About Dealing with Unusual Times

Mastercraft Coping Sponsorship April 2020 Sample2By BOB PALMER
Jimplecute News Editor

JEFFERSON – After losing what she calls her “day job” at Pinecrest Country Club in Longview because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sherrye Bowser still will tell you she is blessed.

“I’m not working at my day job anymore, but I still continue to clean up for the city of Jefferson,” Bowser said.

Each evening, Bowser cleans the city water department, public restroom, police station and tourism building

Bowser said she does not expect to be called back to work as a cook at Pinecrest soon.

“My boss told me to file for unemployment and put down as the reason, COVID,” Bowser said.

The club had applied for a disaster loan that did not materialize, according to her boss, the head chef.

Fortunately, both her daughter and stepson are still both working. Both are cooks supporting the carryout business at two Marshall eating establishments.

Kimberly Polanco works at Whataburger and Justin Morgan cooks at Jalapeno Tree.

“I realize that we are blessed, “ Bowser said. “No one in our house is sick and we still have jobs.”

Still, there have been adjustments to the family budget.

“We’re cutting back and not spending on a whim,” Bowser told the Jimp. “I’ve been doing okay staying in and keeping to myself.”

She finds the extra time at home helpful.

“There are things that I have put off because I was working two jobs,” Bowser said. “Now I can get to them – no excuses.

She has also found other ways to pass the time.

“I read my Bible, watch a little television, cook and go to bed,” Bowser described her day. “I also get a chance to read and study a lot more.”

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