Bulldog Beacon | A Puppy Surprise at Feeding Time

Caleb Shepard
Caleb Shepard with the mother dog and her puppies.

JHS Photo Editor

On Sunday, March 8, what I thought would be a normal feeding routine for my animals had a small twist to it. 

I decided to feed my bulldog before I tended to the other animals. As I got to him, I saw he was excited, but that wasn’t out of the norm, this excitement was a little different.

He kept running to me and then back to his dog house.

After I set his food down, with him making five trips back and forth, I decided to take a look. Before I could take a peek, a female dog walked comfortably out of his dog house.

As I was analyzing her, I noticed her breasts were filled with milk. So, as she walked out, I looked behind her and there were ELEVEN newborn puppies. 

At this moment I knew that I would be the one to have to care for mama dog,eleven puppies, and my other 3 canines! 

Caring for newborn puppies wasn’t something new to me. Growing up with pets I was very hands-on in their care. Unfortunately, two of the puppies passed away. So, after three days of caring for the new family, I reached out to Ms. Dina Carroll for a little advice and searched for a rescue. Unfortunately, because the puppies were so young, we didn’t have much luck, but we did have a lot of donations to help care for them. 

Mama dog was very emaciated, needing a lot of TLC and food. My main priority at the beginning was to get mama dog healthy enough to continue caring for her puppies. 

After two weeks the puppies opened their eyes and started crawling around the dog house. Immediately, I knew that it wouldn’t be long before they would need an enclosure. Reaching out again to Ms. Carroll, we were able to, thanks to Christie Woodson and two gentlemen from the Safari and a friend, obtain an enclosure for the new canine family.

Now, after five weeks of caring for the new found family and being their main caretaker, I was able to learn and observe each puppy and their different behaviors. After making a post on Facebook about the new canine family, which received 300 plus  shares, a puppy has been adopted. However, we are still in search of homes for the rest of the puppies as well as Mom.

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