Jefferson Woman Researches UFOs While Sheltering From COVID-19

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JEFFERSON – When she was about 13, Stacey Nagy says she saw a UFO outside her family’s home in the San Fernando Valley of California.

“I saw this thing in the sky,” Nagy recalls. “I couldn’t talk. I just started yelling and pointing. It was hovering outside and zoomed out of sight real fast.”

The experience has given Nagy a lifelong fascination with UFOs and Extraterrestrials.

“I believe in them,” she told the Jimp.

The shelter in place order during the COVID-19 pandemic has given Nagy an excuse to catch up on the subject.

“I have 30 to 40 books about UFOs and ETs,” she related. “I am about halfway through.”

Stacy takes the situation seriously.

“I am basically barricaded in the house with my five dogs,” she said.

Mastercraft Coping Sponsorship April 2020 Sample2David Nagy, her husband, is in a Jefferson nursing home recovering from a urinary tract infection.

David wants to come home, but Stacy worries that if David fell again she would not be able to help him off the floor.

“I don’t want him to have to go to the Marshall hospital with those COVID-19 cases in Harrison County,” Stacey said.

Although Stacey can not visit David in the nursing home, they chat on the telephone.

The emergency has made other changes in her life.

She now orders toilet paper and other supplies online. Stacey was a regular at the gym, but her exercise these days is limited to walking her dogs.

Although she tries to stay inside the house, an emergency forced her to go shopping. She felt exposed without a face mask.

“My toilet broke,” Stacey said. “I had to go to Brookshires. I got stuff to pour down the toilet, but it didn’t work. I went to the hardware store for a snake.” She has ordered face masks.

Stacey also watches Amazon Prime movies on an iPad. She says “Crash” and “Mozart in the Jungle” were two of the best.

Although Stacey has her UFO research, five dogs and plenty of movies, she is less than thrilled with the shelter in place lifestyle.

“It’s driving me nuts,” she said.

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