Bulk Buying Habit Prepares Woodlawn Couple for COVID-19

01Marion County Folks Tell the Jimp About Dealing with Unusual Times

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JEFFERSON – When store shelves went bare of crucial items like toilet paper, a local man was not worried.

“A good supply sergeant never runs out,” Gary Hunt, a retired U.S. Army master sergeant, told the Jimplecute.

The logistics NCO said his buying practice proved beneficial in the crisis. “I usually buy on a bulk basis toilet paper and supplies from Sam’s in Longview, so I don’t have to buy it real often,” Hunt said.

Gary and Margaret have five acres south of Jefferson. “I have chickens and ducks, so I have things I can do outside, if it’s not raining,” Hunt said. Hunt grew up in Shreveport, but chose to retire here.

Mastercraft Coping Sponsorship April 2020 Sample2“The taxes are better in Texas than Louisiana,” Hunt explained. “You don’t have any income tax. We had friends in this area. We also like the church we go to over here.” With the church groups not meeting during the shelter in place condition, the Hunts find little reason to leave home.

“We’re conservative on our going,” Gary said. “We go when we feel like it’s something we need to do. Our social activities are mainly things at our church and all that has been suspended. We go to doctor’s appointments, and I buy groceries once in a while.”

They are able to find things to do at home. “We read, watch TV and have games on our computer that we do,” Gary explained. “My wife has a book a lady from church gave her. We read the newspaper and I read my Bible.”

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