Marion County Still Reports Zero COVID-19 Cases Amid Unknown Testing Numbers; Area Cases Increasing Along with Reporting of Completed Tests by County

Published: April 6, 2020 at 8:13 p.m. CDT

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Confirmed COVID-19 cases in areas surrounding Marion County.

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JEFFERSON – The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Marion County continues to stand at zero despite jumps in neighboring counties.

Requests for the number of COVID-19 tests by Marion County residents remains a mystery. Inquiries for completed test numbers for Marion County to Judge Leward LaFleur and state officials were not answered Monday.

The Jimp asked the Marshall and Harrison County Health Department for testing numbers for Marion County.  A spokeswoman for CHRISTUS Good Shepherd said they did not have them.

“You would have to find out through your local health authority in Marion County,” the hospital told the Jimp Monday.

Harrison County11 cases, 1 death, 96 tests completed

Judge Chad Sims reported Monday, “I’ve just been notified by the Texas Department of State Health Services that we have three additional positive cases of the coronavirus. That brings our Harrison County total to 11.”

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Sims observed that as testing in the area increases, residents are likely to see the number of cases increase. 

“We must take this seriously and stay home,” Sims said. “The good news is … I’m not aware of any of these (new) cases requiring hospitalization.”

Sims reported Wednesday that 96 completed tests for that county.

“We get a report every Wednesday morning from the Marshall/Harrison County Health District. 

“We do our best to only get Harrison County tests.  It is hugely difficult. Everyone is busy.

“Some complicating factors are that we are not only showing more tests than Harrison County residents, but residents also go to Shreveport [to be tested]. We are just reporting the best we have at the time. People are frustrated and I get frustrated too,” Sims told the Jimp Monday.

Cass County4 cases, 0 deaths, Unknown tests completed

Lisa Thompson, Public Information Officer for Bowie & Cass Counties and Texarkana, Tex. reported on the emergency website that Cass county now has 7 confirmed coronavirus cases with two patients recovered.

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Jimp asked Thompson for confirmation that one of the cases previously confirmed was an employee at the Golden Villa nursing home, and if so, were all the employees at Golden Villa being tested for COVID-19.

“There’s no way to tell how many have been tested because many people are seeing private healthcare providers who are not inclined to turn in their test numbers,” Thompson said. “It is my understanding that only employees and patients who are sick and showing symptoms at Golden Villa are being tested.”

Details about contact tracing, the process of identifying, listing and following-up with people in close contact of confirmed cases of infectious disease, for the other three COVID-19 cases was not permitted.

“I can’t release information about where the positive cases are employed unless their employers initiate releasing that information,” Thompson said.  “The contact tracing steps vary depending on the situation of each positive case, but it could mean notifying those who have been in contact, recommending self-isolation, and interviewing about symptoms, etc.”

Caddo Parish – 711 cases, 21 death, 12,082 tests completed

The Louisiana Department of Health reports 711 coronavirus cases in Caddo Parish with 21 deaths. The number tested in Caddo Parish stands at 12,082.

Northeast Texas

Gregg County has 28 confirmed cases as of Monday.  380 tests were completed as of Saturday.

Morris and Camp counties have one confirmed case each. Titus county confirmed a second case Monday.

State Totals

Across the state, 85,357 tests have been performed with 7,276 confirmed cases. Texas has suffered 140 deaths from COVID-19.  1,153 patients are currently hospitalized.

Louisiana has completed 69,166 tests and identified 14,867 confirmed cases. 512 deaths have been reported. 1,809 patients have been hospitalized with 563 requiring ventilators. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, said Sunday on NBC News that the U.S. is “struggling” to get the coronavirus outbreak under control and warned Americans to prepare for the coming week “to be a bad week.”

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3 thoughts on “Marion County Still Reports Zero COVID-19 Cases Amid Unknown Testing Numbers; Area Cases Increasing Along with Reporting of Completed Tests by County

  1. My husband (65 yrs) and I (66 yrs) are new resident of the county. We retired and now live in Lone Star. Where can we go to get tested,?

    1. Hi Juliane – Thank you for your question. The information in this article will help you:

      ‘1Lt. Christina Alvarado, the OIC of Bravo Team Z, said that people need not wait until the mobile testing lab returns to Marion County. Testing is available on a daily basis at numerous locations in the area.

      “People need to call 512-883-2400 to register for the test,” Alvarado said.’

      Hope this helps and thank you for reading the Jimp.

  2. As a new home owner in Marion County, I am appalled at the fact of a gag order of not reporting testing of C-19 virus and number of cases. We have the right to know in order to better protect ourselves. I was told three weeks ago that there was one know case in Jefferson. Today, I heard that a young employee was sent home sick from the local grocery store. We do not need to know who, but denial is a real concern when it comes to mine and many others health, when the possibility could be death. I might add there have been many reported cases of the people with the C-19 and death, totally surrounding Marion County.

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