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Deanna Stinnett

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It may have been worms that got Deanna Stinnett to Las Vegas, but it was a rental car that brought her back to Marion County last week.

Stinnett raíses mealworms for extra cash on her property off FM 726 in southwest Marion County. While worm sales are okay (“Some people eat them. Some people use them for pet treats,” Stinnett said), she hit on another way to use the wigglies to raise money.

Stinnett made a Go Fund Me offer to eat worms, if enough money was chipped in.

She got $300 to finish paying for the trip and kept her promise on a live video post to eat the worms.

Ron Atwood Visit Jefferson“One I put in bourbon,” she related. “One I dipped in chocolate and one I dipped in cinnamon and sugar,” Stinnett said.

She revealed how she managed to get the worms down.

“I ate the one in bourbon first,” she said.

Deanna, 48, and her husband Scott, 54, were celebrating a bunch of birthdays and anniversaries and Deanna being cancer free. 

“We took the kids to grandma’s and got on an airplane,” Deanna said.

Fortunately, the flight was only about a third of the way full. 

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“We should have known better,” Deanna said. “We thought people were overreacting, but we were wrong.”

The couple made it to their romantic getaway in Vegas. 

“The whole town shut down the next day,” Deanna said..”The tv went out in our room. The only news was from our phones.”

The worms paid for their dinner at Hell’s Kitchen in Caesar’s Palace where they enjoyed lobster risotto, filet mignon and sticky toffee pudding. 

She did get a laugh that while most Vegas businesses, including casinos and restaurants, were closed there were long lines at the medical marijuana dispensaries.

“They were lined up outside,” she said.

“We tried to get a flight out. Nope. An air traffic controller tested positive and shut the airport down,” Deanna said. “Luckily we were able to get a rental car.”

Deanna had made their own hand sanitizers for the trip and restrooms at the different service stations were amazingly clean.

“They are really putting forth an effort,” she said.

Back in Marion County, Deanna is trying to be safe.

“I don’t want to go out and expose someone,” Deanna said. “I try not to go out. I did take a neighbor to the grocery. I know I have a month’s worth of food.”

Deanna may be up for another trip and another romantic weekend at some point in the future, she just doesn’t want to eat any more worms to make it happen.

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