Smithland Couple Makes Few Changes In Order to Deal with COVID-19 Virus

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Coping - Hogle
Helen and Homer Hogle

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JEFFERSON – Between Louis L’Amour and the Bible, Homer Hogle, who lives near the Smithland community in Marion County, passes the time waiting out the COVID-19 virus.

Self-isolation, however, is not a new concept for the disabled tractor-trailer driver.

“I stay at the house almost all the time,” Homer, 75, said. “Both of us do a lot of reading.”

Helen Hogle, Homer’s wife, said her taste in books differs from Homer.

“I lean more to historical and Christian books,” Helend said, “things that will leave me feeling better about the world.”

Homer has also worked out a way to read the Bible that works for him.

“I start reading at the beginning till I get to the end and turn it around and read it again,” Homer said. “I always find something that I missed.”

The pandemic, however, has not changed much at the Hogle farm where they raise chickens and cows.

Homer said they are not doing anything different because of the virus. 

“We already stay at home most of the time,” he said.

Television does enter into the day’s activities. Homer said his favorite show is “Mountain Men.”

Helen does use the internet, and does not have a Facebook account.

“Me and computers don’t get along,” Homer said.

Helen does take precautions.

“This virus has made us hunker down more than normal,” Helen said. “Homer has lots of health issues, so I am very careful in my errands.”

Helen said she had not been to town since the crisis began, but plans to go into Jefferson this week “for a few essentials.” She said her sister had already warned her about bare shelves and slim pickings.

“It is what it is,” Helen said philosophically.

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