Lake Resident Startled By Temperature Check Before Allowed to Use Restroom

Mickey Johnson
Mickey Johnson

Marion County Folks Tell the Jimp
About Dealing with Unusual Times

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SHREVEPORT – Lake O’ the Pines resident Mickey Johnson sat in the parking lot of a doctor’s clinic when contacted by the Jimplecute Wednesday.

“They won’t let me in,” Johnson said. She explained her husband was inside for an EKG test. “I’m having to wait in a hot car.”

The COVID-19 precautions at the King’s Road facility went even further.

 “I had to have my temperature taken to just to use the restroom that was by the door,” Johnson revealed.

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Johnson said she was trying to prepare for the pandemic.

“I’m educating myself on the virus,” Johnson said. “But I am not taking a lot of precautions. When I go out I try to keep my distance. But that’s not anything new.”

She said she understood that the severe threat was because the population doesn’t have a buildup of immunity.

Johnson said she is not doing a lot of “fun” things, but is “playing it by ear.”

She expressed sympathy with what the business community faces.

“I do feel for people in downtown Jefferson who are trying to make a living,” Johnson said.

One part of the social distancing exercise has been particularly painful for Johnson.

“When I do go out, my daughter won’t let me take my grandchildren with me,” Johnson said. “She has asthma and I understand.”

Johnson takes one more step.

“I am just praying and trusting in God,” she said.

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