Bulldog Beacon | Yes to the Dress

By Austin Farmer
JHS Campus Editor

BB profile pictureJEFFERSON – NBC News reports that a high school principal in Louisiana is requiring pre-approval of prom dresses before purchasing, which makes people who have read the article ask the question, “Who should draw the line about what is and is not appropriate for students to wear to prom; parents or principals?”

Junior Stone Parker said, “I believe that the parents should make the decision. If the parent believes that what their child is wearing is appropriate, then it should be okay. It’s easier to just go with what the parent/guardian says and not have conflict. You should feel beautiful or handsome no matter what you wear to prom; if you don’t feel that way then you have failed at prom.”

Junior Kei’Ana Mayberry commented, “Schools have become way too strict on dress codes. Prom is the night where young men and women dress up to look and feel good! That feeling should not be taken away by a principal’s decision. The parents have the say to allow the child to wear whatever they want. Schools are paying more attention to clothes instead of academics. A change needs to happen!”

Senior Alexus Thomason responded with, “I feel like parents and principals should collaborate and find a happy medium. Although a pre-approved prom dress may be too much, it’s prom. It’s our night as students to look and feel good. I think students should have enough self-respect to not wear something too provocative.”

Senior Bulldog Beacon Campus Editor Austin Farmer replied with, “There should be a general dress code for prom but to have the principal demand to see ALL prom dresses before being bought is just outrageous. The parents that are spending their hard-earned money for their student should get the final say in what is right and what is not since they (the students) are a representation of the parents. Jefferson has really easy-to-follow rules over dress code so I am glad we do not have to worry about this problem at the school.”

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