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Jefferson High School sophomore Josh Thomas confidently goes up for the shot against an Arp guard Tuesday night.

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Editor’s Note:  Portions of the article below were published Monday.

SPRING HILL – The Bulldogs advanced to the Regional Semifinals Tuesday night in a nailbiter double-overtime win over Arp, 52-49.

The Jefferson High School boys’ basketball team has not advanced this far in the playoffs since 2008.

The team will take on the Madison Trojans Friday, March 6 at 6 P.M. in Prosper.

Jefferson High School basketball players exuded a sense of calm heading into a regional quarterfinal showdown Tuesday against Arp.

“I am used to the pressure now from playing football and basketball for so long,” Dee Black said.

Courtlyn Sims believes he can bring “confidence and open mindedness to learn new things” to the team effort.

Kylan Thomas tries to not let frustration affect him.

McGaritys Visit Jefferson“I try not to let it interfere with my game,” Thomas said. “I use it as a way to play smarter and focus more on what to do better.”

Carlos Jackson has seen the Dawgs improve since last year.

“We play better as a team now,” he said.

Port Jefferson Visit JeffersonChris Shepard shared the rituals he performs before a game.

“I listen to music, focus on the game to set my mind right,” Shepard said.

Josh Thomas bluntly said what it would take to get to the next round, “Playing against the other team and the refs.”

GGs Visit JeffersonWith Mount Vernon hitting 70 percent of their free throws, the guys in the striped shirts could have been a factor in a closer game. Jefferson made 36 percent of their free throws.

Jakardan Davidson sees the team’s strengths as speed and teamwork.

Chrishon Hicks doesn’t let riding the pine get him down.

“Coach Dowell does it for a reason so I can cool down so I do not get mad because they believe in me being an asset to the team,” Hicks said.

Ron Atwood Visit JeffersonKenneth Bell attempts to motivate his teammates by cheering them on and remaining positive.

Zion Hopes, a move-in, sees a different team chemistry from his old school.

“Jefferson is more of a family because we have each other’s back and support each other through every sport,” Hopes said.

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