Bulldog Beacon | JHS Teacher Honored for Volunteer Animal Rescue Efforts

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Friends of Jefferson Animals (FOJA) volunteer Dina Carroll (left) accepts the Dickson Distinguished Up & Coming Volunteer award from award sponsors, Ted and Candy Dickson Saturday night at the 2nd Annual Golden Nail Awards. Carroll is also the JHS Journalism Club Sponsor.

JEFFERSON – High school teacher and Journalism Club Sponsor Dina Carroll learned at an early age about helping animals. “My mother was a rescuer before the term rescue was cool,” Carroll said. “She carried dog and cat food in the trunk of our family car and would stop often to tend to strays.”

Cited for her hard work during the collapse of the Dixie Humane Society Shelter in 2018 and with Friends of Jefferson Animals (FOJA) since then, Carroll received the Dickson Distinguished Up & Coming Volunteer Award at the Marion County Chamber of Commerce Golden Nail awards Saturday.

Port Jefferson Visit JeffersonFOJA volunteer Christie Woodson extolled Carroll’s virtues as going beyond just talking the talk. “A true volunteer has a heart that cares for her community and those around her — both two-legged and four-legged,” Woodson said. “A true volunteer speaks with her actions and inspires others to look beyond themselves. A true volunteer gives of herself because it is the right thing to do -—not for photo opportunities and accolades — but FOJA’s Dina Carroll deserves both. She continues to work tirelessly for the homeless animals in our area, and she is a blessing to her students and the citizens of Marion County.”

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