Holiday Harbor Murder Suspect Arrested 800 Miles Away in Indiana Apartment Complex

Garry Wayne Craver, 22, was booked into the Tippecanoe County Jail on Jan. 15, 2020.

Posted: Jan. 20, 2020 at 1:33 p.m. CST

Jimplecute News Editor

LAFAYETTE, IND. – Police in the city of LaFayette, Ind., population 67,000, arrested Garry W. Craver, 22, of Marshall on a fugitive charge relating to the Dec. 23 murder of Charles Hickman in the Holiday Harbor neighborhood of Marion County.

Craver was arrested at 2:34 p.m. on Jan. 15 at a Lafayette apartment complex on Osage Court.

Records offer no indication why Craver was at that residence.

“Somebody tipped us off and we went to that location,” Lafayette PD Spokesman Brad Mitchell said.

As of Monday, Craver was booked into Tippecanoe County Jail awaiting extradition.
Records indicate that Craver did not resist arrest.

“There are no additional charges,” Mitchell said. “They would typically add charges if there had been any resistance.”

Shoshone apartments
Carver was arrested at the Shoshone Apartments located at 2307 Osage Court in Lafayette, Ind. Lafayette is located on the Wabash River between Indianapolis and Chicago in what could be considered West Central Indiana. West Lafayette, on the opposite bank of the Wabash, is the home of Purdue University.

Arrest warrants were issued for Craver and Jennie Lynn Paredes following Hickman’s death. Paredes surrendered at the Marion County Jail on Dec. 30 and was arraigned on a murder charge. Justice of the Peace Lena Pope set Jennie Paredes bond at $1 million.

Terry Paredes, grandmother to both Jennie Paredes and Craver, said she had no idea why Craver may have fled to Lafayette. Terry Paredes said she did not know of any family members in Indiana.

“I have no idea how he got there,” Terry Paredes said, noting that Craver’s Lafayette arrest surprised her.

Port Jefferson Visit JeffersonThresa Mayfield, the common-law wife of Hickman, said she and Hickman spent the evening of Dec. 22 wrapping Christmas presents and waiting for the birth of a grandchild who was born Christmas Eve.

“It was about 1:30 [a.m. on Dec. 23] when my dog started barking,” Mayfield told the Jimplecute in an exclusive interview Dec. 31, noting that she and her Hickman were in bed asleep. “We have a couple of dogs outside and you can tell it was, you know, somebody was there.”

Hickman went to check on what the barking was about, but quickly returned to put on his pants and shoes.

“I said, ‘Baby, who is that?’ He said, he said a name,” Mayfield related. “I won’t say who. He says, ‘Ah, I got it, Baby.’ So, I just laid back down.”

Meanwhile, Mayfield’s daughter, Jasmine, looked out her bedroom window and saw a man standing on the porch. She also recalled later hearing two car doors close.

“He [Hickman] walked back and opened the door and all I hear is a bunch of gunshots,” Mayfield said.

“He made it from our front door [and down the hall]. He fell at our bedroom door. I got up. My daughter called 911. He died right there in front of our bedroom door. There wasn’t anything that I could do.”

Mayfield has said that she did not believe Jennie Paredes had anything to do with Hickman’s death and that she knew that it was not a woman who shot Hickman.

Lafayette, Ind. is located on the Wabash River between Indianapolis and Chicago in what could be considered West Central Indiana. West Lafayette, on the opposite bank of the Wabash, has a population of 25,500 and is the home of Purdue University.

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