Marion Voters Back Income Tax Ban, Dogs

Marion County DA
Editorial | Marion County Legal Notice Policy Produces Confusion, Risk

Jimplecute news Editor

Marion County Clerk described the turnout in Tuesday’s Constitutional Amendment Election in one word.

“It was awesome,” Smith said Wednesday.

In 2017, 245 voted in the Amendment Election. This year 898 citizens, 12.43 percent of the registered voters, cast their ballots.

Proposition 4, which passed state-wide, garnered interest locally as well. The measure making a state income tax less likely passed here 83.86 percent to 16.14 percent.

Proposition 10 would allow law enforcement dogs to retire with their handlers and passed with 97.55 percent of the vote.

Voters did reject here Proposition 1 that would allow elected city judges to serve more than one community.

All other propositions carried in Marion County, according to complete, but unofficial returns.



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