Commissioner Tells Residents He Wants Dirt Roads

Jimplecute News Editor

Marion County Roads Part II

JEFFERSON – The meeting between County Judge Leward LaFleur, Commissioner Joe McKnight and Sarah Matthieu, the woman whose petition gained more than 100 signatures complaining about the condition of Liberty Road, was supposed to help bring the two sides together.

That didn’t happen. “Joe McKnight said as the meeting began, ‘As long as I’m in office, that road will never get paved,’” Sarah Matthieu told the Jimplecute. The Pct. 2 commissioner indicated he did not want paved roads.

“Then he [McKnight] clearly stated that he prefers dirt roads and wished all of his county roads were dirt,” Matthieu said, noting dirt roads were cheaper and easier to maintain.“ He [McKnight] is not a guy that is looking to better the community. He is going backwards,” Matthieu claimed.

Judge LaFleur had suggested the meeting and the petition in a social media text to Matthieu. McKnight, however, immediately criticized Matthieu for the petition and pictures of road conditions she posted on Facebook. According to Matthieu, as everyone was sitting down, McKnight pointed his finger at the pregnant Sarah Matthieu and said, “You were wrong for posting those pictures.”… (a subscription to the Jimplecute is required to continue reading this article).

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