Marshall Symphony Music Director Looks Forward to Saturday Performance with Rising Star, Ancient Melodies

Vatsal Vemuri

Jimplecute Publisher

MARSHALL – Marshall Symphony Music Director Kermit Poling says Saturday’s concert at the Baker Auditorium on the ETBU campus will pay homage to Beethoven’s approaching 250th birthday in addition to works from other composers.

“The November concert is a program I call ‘Escapes and Meditations,’” Poling said. “It has a wonderful work by an Italian composer named Ottorino Respighi. People loved ancient music and he would take tunes from hundreds of years earlier and sort of modernize them for modern symphony orchestras to play. He wrote a number of suites called ‘Ancient Airs and Dances,’ and we’re going to play one of those suites, the first suite.”

A work entitled “Alleluia and Fugue,” by American composer Alan Hovhaness, follows a similar theme and will also be performed.

“The two composers fit really well together and I’ll tell you, they’re both just gorgeous pieces,” Poling enthused. “Hovhaness is a little more meditative, hence the name of the concert, but the Respighi is very energetic. People are going to recognize these. They are both very recognizable tunes.”

A rising young piano virtuoso, Vatsal Vemuri, will perform Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in C.

Each year the winner of the Juanita Miller Concerto Competition, which is sponsored by the Texas Association of Symphony Orchestras, performs with the Marshall Symphony as part of their grand prize.

“The grand prize winner was a 16-year-old pianist from Dallas, Vatsal Vemuri,” Poling explained. “These are top, top-notch soloists who are just at the very beginning of their careers, very astute serious musicians. So this is going to be exciting.”

Area school children will also have an opportunity to see Vemuri.

“We will not only feature them on the concert on that Saturday night, we’ll also feature them on an educational concert where kids from across the Marshall and Jefferson and Hallsville all get to come and see them,” Poling said.

The November 2 concert begins at 7 p.m.



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