Voters Must Pick Between The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

02Early voting has begun in the Texas Constitutional Amendment election and continues through next week. Election Day is Nov. 5. On the ballot are feel-good proposals to let police dogs retire in dignity with their handlers, as well as questionable efforts to grant tax breaks to those who should be paying their own way.

Here is a quick recap of the issues and how I have chosen to vote.

Proposition 1 would allow elected municipal judges to serve more than one community, like appointed judges. I will vote no. Not allowing elected officials to hold more than one office is an important Texas tradition. Let cities change their charters to appoint their judges if they have a problem.

Proposition 2 allows the Texas Water Development Board to sell up to $200 million in bonds to fund water and wastewater projects. Many parts of the state need help with clean drinking water and the treatment of wastewater. I vote yes.

Proposition 3 allows for temporary exemptions from ad valorem taxes for property owners whose property was damaged in an officially declared disaster. It makes sense to me that if you lost your roof to Hurricane Harvey, you should get a tax break. I vote yes… (a subscription to the Jimplecute is required to continue reading this article).

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