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Right to left: Kylan Thomas, Landon Fuquay, Jacari Mosely, and Dee Black.

JHS Campus Editor

By now, everyone should have a good understanding of who is on the varsity football team. We pulled the senior captains to talk about themselves for a while. There are four captains this year: quarterback Kylan Thomas (#5), running back Dee Black (#21), offensive/defensive guard and tackle Jacari Mosely (#50) and kicker Landon Fuquay (#18). A fun fact about this year’s captains is that all four of them have been on varsity since their freshman year.

Bulldog Beacon: Jacari, how does it feel to be playing with the same group of people that you grew up playing with in little league? Another question is what has been your favorite place to compete? 

Jacari answered, “It feels good because you already know them and what they are going to do on the field, and you can trust them. I like playing on home field because you have the home crowd and can feel the love and having family to come out and support and win for the home group.”

Bulldog Beacon: Landon, who do you think the team’s biggest opponent(s) will be this district season? Do you have a pregame routine you do to become focused? 

Landon replied, “Mount Vernon and Atlanta, because Mount Vernon has new coaches and athletes, and Atlanta has a larger school that has gone down in division so they have more people than we do. For a pregame routine, I touch the bulldog and get in the back of the tunnel, and I grab my chain and say a prayer before we run out, and I pray again in the end zone.”

Bulldog Beacon: Dee, what qualities make you a good captain? Also what is one thing you do to calm your “butterflies” while you compete?

Dee responded, “I am a quiet person, so I let my actions speak louder than my words do. I do not have butterflies; I just get the ball and run.”

Bulldog Beacon: Kylan, do you feel a lot of pressure being the starting quarterback this year? What is your favorite memory you have of playing football from the four years you’ve been on varsity?

Kylan said, “No, because I have been waiting for this opportunity for four years now. So when I finally got this opportunity to prove myself last year, I feel like I handled it well. I fought through the adversity and can handle it. Now it is another ordinary day, and I feel like I handle pressure well. I do not have a favorite memory because I cherish every moment that I have. Each day I get a chance to step out onto the field is a favorite memory for me because football isn’t forever; I have to make it last.”



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