MOVIE REVIEW | “Animated ‘Addams Family’ Travels Well-Worn Path”

imagesUntitled4Untitled5It’s creepy. It’s spooky. It’s dark. It’s depressing. It’s the perfect home for “The Addams Family.”

Fans of the 1964 television show and cartoons in the “New Yorker” that preceded the TV series will find little joy in the 2019 animated version. John Astin is sorely missed as Gomez Adams and the clever wit that fueled the cartoons is non-existent.

All hope is not lost for a little entertainment, however. First, you must decide whether “The Addams Family” is a pedestrian animated remake or a giant spoof of HGTV. You may conclude, with me, that it is both.

A tool-belt wearing mama with big hair offers to remake the Addams Family home as part of her HAGTV makeover show in order to sell the houses she built in the village below, where everybody is like everybody else.

A morality tale quickly unfolds, challenging our fears of embracing strangers who look and act differently from us with a side helping of campus bullying. You will also be treated to a parenting lecture on dealing with your teen… (a subscription to the Jimplecute is required to continue reading this article).

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