Closing of Genesis Prime Care

Leaves Those Lacking Insurance Without Free or Low-Cost Option

Jimplecute News Editor

Departure of Genesis Prime Care clinic at 106 N. Alley has left Jefferson Mayor Charles “Bubba” Haggard scratching his head. “I just hate it we weren’t able to keep them in some form or fashion,” Haggard said Wednesday, the day after Genesis saw its last patient.

Genesis Prime Care CEO Carla Roadcap said, however, the local facility fell victim to timing. “Unfortunately, we tried to get a lease or purchase that building,” Roadcap said. “It was not put up for bid until after our board made the decision to close.”

Roadcap met with the Jefferson City Council in June seeking a long-term lease or purchase. The council indicated a preference to keep the structure as an option for a new City Hall. The Genesis board voted to close the Jefferson clinic.

The City advertised the building for sale during the month of September. Haggard said the City received no bids and no inquiries. In addition to family medical services, Genesis had received a federal grant to provide free or low-cost treatment for persons without health insurance.

“We do care about the community,” Roadcap said. “We will take care of the patients in Marshall or Atlanta.”Nita Little, FNP, agreed. “We hate to leave,” Little, who said she will office in Atlanta, admitted. “We love the town.”

Roadcap said Genesis bore no grudges. “We have no hurt feelings in Jefferson,” Roadcap said. “We wish it had worked out for the patients.” Haggard sees it as a bottom line move on the part of the healthcare provider.

“We found out they were talking about leaving,” Haggard said. “We made it available to them. It was a business decision on their part.” Roadcap maintained the City was too slow.

“The decision had already been made,” Roadcap said. “If they really wanted to stay, they could have changed some things,” Haggard countered… (a subscription to the Jimplecute is required to continue reading this article).

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