Today’s Front Page | October 10, 2019

October 10 Front PageFrom the Publisher
By Mica Wilhite

One of the former owners of the Jimplecute, Vic Parker, said to me Friday, “The Jimplecute is a gem. It is 171 years old and the 5th oldest newspaper in Texas. Well, actually, I think it’s the 4th oldest.”

Vic is right. The Jimplecute is a gem and publishing it every week is hard work but even more fun and an immense privilege.

Our readers know that the Jimplecute suspended publication on October 3. We were then pleased to discover on October 4 that we could resume publication. And thus, you are reading the October 10 edition of the Jimp.

We have all heard the true saying, “I don’t know what the future holds but I know Who holds the future.”

So is true of the Jimplecute.  

I can tell you this. The Jimplecute will publish every week going forward.  

As a statistician by trade, I can tell you an improbable convergence of events came together last week that created a bottleneck that took 48 hours to uncork. An enormous amount of incorrect information was shared about the Jimp. Every member of the Jimp staff is glad to be moving forward.

The Jimplecute has changed and we are happy about that development. We have a healthy and expanding subscription base for a small weekly newspaper. Our e-Editions are being read three times as much as they were when we launched them almost two years ago.

What readers tell us they are happiest about is that the Jimp now has content that is important to them and affects their lives. We have a much broader readership than we used to have and could not be happier about the evolution of the paper.

Thank you for your persistent encouragement to keep pressing onward. The Jimplecute cannot continue to be the paper it is now without your support, so we value you and your input into this paper more than we can say.

You might want to pay special attention to the work of the Bulldog Beacon staff on pages 5 and 6. We are proud for JHS Campus Editor Austin Farmer and JHS Photo Editor Caleb Shepard. They are doing amazing work.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Jimp. And don’t worry – there will be another one next week too!


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