Obituary | Siaosi Siovani Tu’ipulotu

GioFuneral Services for Siaosi “Gio” “Vani” Siovani Tu’ipulotu, 40, of Jefferson, Texas are scheduled for Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 2pm in the Jefferson Christian Academy Gymnasium with Pastor Michael Fui and Pastor Alden Ho officiating and under the direction of Haggard Funeral Home.  There will be a viewing with singing and testimonials from 8am until the time of the service in the Jefferson Christian Academy Gymnasium.  A time of visitation will be held on Friday, October 11, 2019 from 5-7pm in the Cpt. Wm. Perry Chapel of Haggard Funeral Home.

Mr. Tu’ipulotu passed away October 5, 2019 in Marshall, Texas.  Gio was born on June 4, 1979 in Tongatapu to Taniel Tonga Tu’ipulotu and Vinepa Hale Tu’ipulotu.

“A life lived in idleness or in excess is a life of leisure and pleasure. But the life lived for God is poured out without measure”.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven”. – Matthew 5:16

A man is not measured by his size but by the depth of his character. The measure of Giovanni’s life cannot yet be fully grasped. Even in His death the largeness of his character continues to live on by touching so many lives. If you never met him before I am so sorry. Because he was no stranger to anyone he would meet. His warm, welcoming smile eluded to the sincerity of God’s love pouring out from His heart and you would have left him feeling blessed for even the few moments that you two shared.

Those that knew and loved him were ever longing to spend time with him. His laugh, amazing smile and sheer joy explains why. Gio loved to laugh big, and the sweet, hardy sound of his laughter would electrify the air with joy. He loved people and loved to be around them.

There is so much that can be shared about his life. How he served as a ministering missionary for years and years and brought so much joy to those he worked with and for. Or about his many talents and skills, in music, in masonry, singing, cooking; landscaping; carpentry; and the list goes on and on. He was an artist that put great care into everything he did and gave all the credit and glory to God. His gifts and talents he freely bestowed upon us all. He never asked for, nor could he have ever received, the true value of his worth which is beyond measure. A man full of integrity, faith, love and generosity. He poured himself out to others.

He lived his life for others and most especially for his family who was the dearest thing on earth to him. When still a teenager he came to the US to earn money for his family back home. He would faithfully send his whole check minus his meager needs and tithe to the Lord, back home to his nieces and nephews in Tonga. On all his trips back home he would pack his luggage as full as he could with the best of what he had for the joy of leaving it all there save what he wore back to the states.

This was not a new thing to him but was a practice he always had. Living a simple life with not much he witnessed his mother’s selfless giving of her time, her energy and her means and this impacted his life for ever. His mother’s Godly influence over his life is what made him the wonderful man that he became.

 As a child and youth in his home country of Tonga, to the dismay and yet pride and joy of his God-fearing mother, each year he would return home empty handed from his boarding school. And there is so much more but all the books on the shelves could never hold all of his countless acts of loving kindness both seen and unseen.

Also, His spiritual life speaks more than a million books could ever express. A man of God and full of wisdom yet he never saw himself as wise. One of his only wrongs is that he believed himself to be “not a smart person” and this could not be further from the real truth. One of the wisest and most intelligent of people and very knowledgeable of the Bible which shows in his great love for God.

Gio had a great sense of humor and was very good natured. He incessantly teased and roused people up but it only made you love him all the more as his great big smile and laughter would bring you to laugh right along with him.

Giovanni Tu’ipulotu believed that Heaven wouldn’t be the same without you and me. He believed Christ would soon return to gather his people and take them home. And this he believed to be so near you could even feel it. As we look at our world today doesn’t that make sense to us as well?

Gio was a man of God, full of life and inspiration with youth and strength still on his side. So why would God let this servant of his succumb to death when there is still so much of God’s work that he can do? I, his wife, believe that as larger-than-life was his ministry that his passing will do infinitely more to bring souls into God’s loving kingdom. My friend, could that be for you as well?

You have now read the testimony of a life well lived for God and this testimony is surely true. Just pop into the Berea area and ask anybody that could remember this face and you will know without a doubt that this man walked with God.

And now, similar to that great patriarch of old, Enoch, Gio, a man of God, is no more. But his life lived beats on in the lives of everyone he touched. It speaks volumes of our loving Savior who poured out the best of Heaven as a sacrifice for you and for me in the great hope that we would receive the gift and share it with others. I hope for myself, our loved friends and family and for you dear friend that we will cast off the shadows of darkness in our lives, turn to God and live each and every day in God’s marvelous light. May you be blessed and, moreover, may you answer God’s calling over your life and be His blessing to those around you.

Gio was preceeded in death by his mother and a sister-in-law, Monika Tu’ipulotu.

Those left to cherish his memory are his wife, Loevetta Crowell Tu’ipulotu; Father, Taniel Tonga Tu’ipulotu; sister, Litea Sandygale Telefoni& husband Viliami “Pila”; brother, George Clive Tu’itavuki Tu’ipulotu; brother, Faiva Teulilo; sister, Wendy Jane Moala; sister, Litea Maiava; sister, Susana Tu’ipulotu; brother, Kaniela Tu’ipulotu; and sister, Moanalani Tu’ipulotu.  He is also survived by an abundance of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, extended family and friends.

In lieu of flowers the family requests memorial contributions be made to Jefferson Christian Academy, 3060 FM 728, Jefferson, Texas 75657.

Online condolences may be made at

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