County Boosts Domestic Violence Awareness in October, Learns Courthouse Restoration on Target

Marion County DAMarion County Commissioners made their annual designation of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month at their Sept. 30 meeting.  

Commissioners also authorized County Judge Leward LaFleur to declare or lift a burn ban in the county as he thinks is appropriate.

Kevin Scott, JRJ Construction Project Superintendent, reported to the court that the $4 million restoration of the Marion County Courthouse “is on schedule.”

Scott also discussed with the court the need for additional work on windows that had held window air conditioning units.

Commissioners approved repairs of windows from the emergency grant received from the 

The court voted to allow the county auditor to send out Notification of Application for the audit of District Attorney Chapter 59 Asset Forfeiture Report was approved. 

A resolution for 2020 Indigent Defense Grant Program received approval.. 

The court designated the Marshall News Messenger as the county’s publication of record until Jan. 1, 2020, citing Government Code 2051.044.

Jimplecute Publisher Mica Wilhite advised the court their proposed action favoring the Marshall News Messenger could face legal consequences.

“The law has four requirements: the newspaper must be published at least weekly, must have a second class mailing permit in the county, must publish 50 out of the last 52 weeks and must have at least 25 percent news content,” Wilhite said. “The Jefferson Jimplecute is the only publication in to meet these criteria.”

Wilhite noted the debate over whether Jimplecute e-Editions constituted publications was evidenced in law.

“In copyright law, publication is making a book or other written material available to anyone interested by distributing or offering it for sale,” Wilhite said.  “e-Editions of newspapers are published just as books are published that you purchase and download onto your Kindle.”  

Wilhite also pointed out that in Marion County, a Gilmer man was charged in September with publishing or threatening to publish intimate visual material. 

“I think we can agree this man did not crank up his printing press when committing this alleged crime,” Wilhite said “Clearly under Texas law, posting something to the internet is called ‘publishing.’”  

A new election judge was named for Precinct 1.


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