Marion County District Court Report

Marion County DATwelve people were convicted of crimes in Marion County’s district courts during the month of August.

Johnathan Eugene Mitchell was convicted of three counts of sexual assault of a child and sentenced to confinement in the Texas Department of Corrections.

Christopher Alex Smith was convicted of a sex offender’s duty to register and sentenced to a 10-year suspended sentence and a five-year probated sentence, $1,500 fine and $308 in court costs.

Four were convicted of possession of a controlled substance penalty group 1, one was convicted of illegal dumping, one was convicted of deadly conduct, two for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, one for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one burglary of a building, one theft of property, one lottery ticket fraud, one unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, one criminal mischief, one injury to a child/elderly/disabled person and one for assault of a family member. 

New Cases

New cases filed in district court include two motions to revoke probation and a motion to adjudicate. 

Indictments include a charge of failure to comply with a sex offender’s duty to register against Johnathan Wayne Harris, aggravated kidnapping, and a sex offender’s duty to register against Robert Alan Trumbature.

Other indictments included two cases of possession of a controlled substance, forgery of a financial instrument, assault of a public servant, tampering or fabricating physical evidence, assault family/household member, evading arrest, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, burglary of a habitation and possession of marijuana >2 oz. < 40 oz.


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