Jefferson Jimplecute Suspends Publication

profile picThe Jimplecute regrets to announce that the recent decision of the Marion County Commissioners to use the services of an out of county newspaper for its legal notices has resulted in a significant loss of revenue for our paper.

Pending a new owner or publisher coming forward, publication of the Jimplecute will be suspended beginning with today’s edition.

It has been an honor and privilege to have served the citizens of Jefferson and Marion County and to have been the voice of unbiased and uncensored reporting.

6 thoughts on “Jefferson Jimplecute Suspends Publication

  1. Well it looks like the commissioner’s court of Marion county, Texas was successful in their retaliatory effort to silence any criticism! A vote was taken at last Monday’s meeting to continue printing legals in the Marshall News Messenger instead of the Jefferson Jimplecute (which they have been doing since about January of this year when the Jimp questioned the lack of action on the dixie shelter disaster, curiously enough). This not only left citizens out of the loop as to legal notification about county actions of tax foreclosure, etc. It appears to be questionable as to it’s legality. It seems your county commissioners and judge feel that it is better to spend 3X more to publish legal ads in the MNM instead of fix our roads. Especially when the Jimplecute publishes hard hitting articles that point out the truth and question the actions of elected officeholders who aren’t adhering to their oath of office. If the commissioners court can take punitive action against a private company in order to stifle free speech, isn’t that oppression? When a government entity wastes my tax dollars irresponsibly in what amounts to a boycott using those tax dollars that is malfeasance, and it is wrong! Let’s hope all the inner golden circle in Jefferson and Marion County that sided with the Court’s actions stays on their good side or y’all will be quashed into silence as well. So much for free speech and freedom of the press!

  2. -recent decision of the Marion County Commissioners to use the services of an out of county newspaper for its legal notices- what out of county newspaper, and why?

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