McGarity’s To-Go Is a Good Way to Go

4 of 5 startsBy BOB PALMER
Jimplecute News Editor

When one of Jefferson’s leading restaurants brings out a new seasonal menu, it’s time to put on the reading glasses and strap on your bib.

When the state changes liquor laws to allow a restaurant to deliver wine to your home, you race to find the corkscrew in the kitchen drawer.

McGarity’s Restaurant & Saloon No. 61 offers a new menu complete with both new items, including vegan and vegetarian entrees, as well as many old favorites.

PAGE 4 McGarity2Owner Ken Jones smartly kept the Irish Nachos as well as Bangers and Mash to complement newcomers Whole Hen, Wild Boar and Guinness Fish & Chips.

Although we always enjoy eating in McGarity’s eclectic dining room, we chose to get our food and wine to go, only to discover the wine-to-go option has a few strings attached.

PAGE 4 McGarityBut first the food.

We opted for one of the new vegan entrees: Mushroom and Brussel Sprout Pasta. The cavatappi pasta was perfectly cooked. The vegan sauce had enough heft to satisfy your average gator wrestler. If this is vegan, we might not convert, but would like to visit on Tuesdays.

The iceberg lettuce wedge fit our plans perfectly. The bleu cheese dressing was on point and the bacon crumbles were sufficient to the occasion.

restaurant reviewYou just can’t go wrong with a filet from McGarity’s. Our steak had great flavor and was cooked perfectly. Tasty herbed potatoes and over-cooked asparagus accompanied the tender piece of heaven.

Since we chose to get our order to-go, the new state law about wine delivery did not apply. We could not leave the premises with an unopened bottle of wine. Not to worry. The cork was drawn. A ceremonial sip taken and the bottle was good to go.

The Mark West Pinot Noir accompanied the meal perfectly.

McGarity’s new menu is certainly worth exploring. We look forward to our next culinary journey.


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