Parents Tell JISD Administrators They Want ‘Quality’ Teachers & to Help

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When state accountability ratings branded Jefferson Elementary School with a failing grade, the shock could be felt through the entire community. Superintendent Rob Barnwell assured parents at a public forum Tuesday to discuss the accountability ratings that the district was not going to hide the failure from the community and was taking action to correct the problem.

“If we had an “F” on a campus, we own it,” Barnwell told the crowded boardroom. “We’re owning it. I want you to know everything.” Barnwell said the district has made several teacher changes on the elementary campus and no longer has students changing classes between periods as part of their efforts to bring up the grade for that school. Overall, JISD received a “B,” despite “F” scores for the Elementary and Primary schools.

Missy Baldwin wanted to know what the district could do to attract better teachers. “Why do quality teachers not want to come to our district?” Baldwin asked. “All I hear is how bad Jefferson is. I believe in in our school district. I think we are better than the ones around us.”

“We advertise for applicants,” Barnwell replied. “It’s tough. It’s hard.” Elementary Principal Lindsey Whitaker said she had three applicants for one position the school sought to fill. “I think we do have quality teachers,” Barnwell said, “but when you are in driving distance of Texarkana, Marshall and Longview,” qualified teachers may… (a subscription to the Jimplecute is required to continue reading this article).

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