Sex, Guns & Red Flags

untitledFor the past 15 years, I have been wrong.

I snickered at gun haters wanting to ban assault rifles. I pointed out how mechanically there was no difference between these military lookalikes and Grandpa’s .306 Remington deer rifle.

I bought into the National Rifle Association logic that blaming the rifle for mass killings made as much sense as accusing a parked car of causing climate change. Watching U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, R-Florida, on CNN Sunday morning declare his undying love for the Second Amendment and his desire to address the problem of the shooter’s mental state made something click in my brain, like the sound of a 7.62 mm round chambering.

An assault weapon ban is about something more than limiting the amount of damage a whacko can cause. Stopping the sale of these toy soldier weapons is a direct response to what the NRA preaches – the mental state of the shooter.

Profiles of recent gunmen reveal multiple factors. “One thing is clear: Assault weapons like those once restricted by the ban were used in the most memorable events that have defined the current era of random massacre, including at… (a subscription to the Jimplecute is required to continue reading this article).

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