MOVIE REVIEW | “Overcomer”

975301_10_excdfgdOvercomer” director Alex Kendrick’s work improves with every film, and he deserves his seat at the head of the faith-based film table. His latest entry is well written, well made, and well acted.

This film does exactly what most would expect from a Christian film: It focuses on curbing any hypocrisies in churchgoing families and demonstrates how to convert lost souls to followers of Jesus.

But that doesn’t mean the story unspools the way you think. It’s got some surprises, including the bold move of having the well-meaning main characters do something that we all know they shouldn’t. (It’s almost like a horror movie: You want to shout at the screen “What are you doing? Turn around! Get out of there!”)

dfgddxKendrick is no longer a newbie using church funds and members to scrape together a no-budget flick to spread God’s word. “Overcomer” is a big studio film. But Kendrick still took on every significant role… (a subscription to the Jimplecute is required to continue reading this article).

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