LaFleur Denies Making Bull Riding Remark, ‘Jimp’ Recording Shows He Did

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Posted: 9/2/19 at 10:47 a.m. CDT

Marion County Judge Leward LaFleur

County Judge Leward LaFleur, on a social media post Sunday responding to an Aug. 29 Jimplecute news story, denied saying, “I’ll ride that bull” on Aug. 26 when commissioners discussed defying requirements of House Bill 2840 allowing greater public comment at court meetings.

LaFleur’s Facebook page includes the hashtag, “#neversaidthatinmylife,” although his voice can be heard on the recording [7:51-53] making the statement last week.

Commissioner Joe McKnight criticized the policy as the end of “professionalism” at court meetings [6:23-40] and suggested defiance of a new state law.

LaFleur Bull post
Screenshot of LaFleur’s social media post denying “I’ll ride that bull” remark

“What will they do if we don’t?” McKnight said [7:38].

“I guess that’s right,” Commissioner Charles Treadwell agreed [7:41].

“I don’t know,” LaFleur replied. “Let’s try it. I’ll ride that bull.” [7:51-53]

LaFleur said he would research the issue and commissioners agreed to table the matter.

LaFleur also declared in his Sunday social media post that the county will follow the law.

No one on the court will defy the laws of this state or nation,” LaFleur insisted.

The proposed policy limited public comments to three minutes per person and a total of 30 minutes on an agenda item with pros and cons equally divided.

Rules stipulated that remarks could not demean any individual or group. While comments could be critical of commissioners and other members of county government,

Marion County DA
8-minute portion of the commissioners court meeting where HB 2840 was discussed

they must not include “racial, ethnic, or gender slurs or epithets.”

The policy is on the agenda for the court’s meeting Tuesday at 9 a.m. at their courtroom in the Courthouse Annex.





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