An Effective Headache

untitledMarion County commissioners upset a trend of decreasing local tax rates for this year when they opted to add more than $100,000 to the county budget and raise the tax rate 2.4 cents.

If you are like most Texans who turn red at the sight of a property tax notice and have heart rhythm issues when notified of a new appraisal, you can reduce the anxiety level a few clicks.

Property taxes in Marion County will be less than last year. Most people have a hard time sorting through the various notices. There’s last year’s rate, this year’s proposed rate and the effective tax rate… (a subscription to the Jimplecute is required to continue reading this article).

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One thought on “An Effective Headache

  1. Not too mention the roads…This 2019..not 1960….nothing but dirt roads…This county does not know how too build a roads….precinct 1. Ashley. ….drive JOSEY Taylor roads drive on souring a rain storm nothing…also cart rd…
    Plus can’t get sheriff there job..never seen a county like this. 4 wheelers DESTROY what roads we have…county want too nothing…they want even patrol the roads..dispatchers hangup on you no response ….live here 21yrs.. Still same thing nothin…..done. It s a waist. Shame on this county. Its who you know. …. GOD BLESS. ..

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