McKnight Fails to Respond to a 6th TPIA Request

MCSO SheriffThis report was published in the Jimplecute
August 8 e-Edition and has been updated since presstime.  It includes a correction from a July 23 report. 

JEFFERSON – The Marion County Sheriff’s Department (MCSO) has failed to reply to a sixth Texas Public Information Request.

On Thursday, 13 days had passed since the Jimplecute initially requested “to inspect or obtain” the following on July 22:

1. The names of all persons, their age, place of residence, charge and bond amount who were booked into the Marion County Jail between July 15, 2019 through July 21, 2019.
2. The front page of all incident reports prepared during the period of July 15, 2019 through July 21, 2019.
3. The daily blotter for each day of the period of July 15, 2019 through July 21, 2019.
Formal complaints for each of the missed TPIA requests have been filed with the Attorney General’s Open Records office.

“Our readers tell us they know this is public information and support our work in using TPIA requests to obtain it,” said Jimplecute Publisher Mica Wilhite Thursday.

This USPS Certified Mail receipt shows Marion County Deputy Chuck Rogers signed for the July 22 TPIA, but failed to note the date.  USPS records indicate the Certified Mail was delivered July 24.
All previous TPIA requests sent USPS certified mail to MSCO had been signed the same day as issued.

Three TPIA requests are currently outstanding: two dated July 29 and one dated August 5. In addition to routine jail logs, blotter reports and the front page of incident reports, the Jimplecute is now requesting records regarding the number of outstanding unserved warrants in Marion County in addition to number of offenders in the Marion County Jail and the offenders re-housed in other counties or with the State of Texas.


A TPIA request to Jefferson Police Department submitted on July 22 was received via electronic mail on July 29, within the lawful 10 business-day deadline.

The Jimplecute had reported a TPIA request dated June 17 as late, however, it was later discovered the required documents had been delivered by the required July 1 deadline.

In the past, the MCSO Custodian of Records, Sheriff David McKnight, has said discrepancies in his record of receiving TPIA requests from the Jimp, inadequate office equipment, and inadequate office supplies from the Jimplecute were his reasons for failure to comply with previous requests.

In the case of the July 22 request, the certified mail signee, Deputy Chuck Rogers, did not record a date of delivery. The Jimplecute was able to verify deliver via USPS reports. In all past certified mail receipts, MCSO received the TPIA request on the same day is was sent.

A log of all active TPIAs from the Jimplecute to various governmental agencies in Marion County is published on the Classified page of the paper each week.


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