UMBC Family Histories Available: Dr. T.E. Speed

UntitledThis is one of an occasional series of reports on people, events and places in Marion County’s past.

From the undertold history of Jefferson and the hard work of Anthropologist Kari Dickson comes documentation of great public service rendered to the town and the entire state by a Union Missionary Baptist Church member.

After graduating from Flint Medical School in New Orleans, Thomas Everett Speed became one of the first black medical doctors in Texas by opening his practice in Jefferson in 1894.

This is when he became associated with UMBC and where he met his future wife, Mable Young, who was 12 years younger and the daughter of Charlie Young, the famous town barber and owner of The Grove. T.E. and Mable had one child, Mary Louise.

Dr. Speed died in 1924 after 30 years of practice, leading the black medical association of Texas, and establishing a nursing school for training the first nurses for black doctors. He was also surgeon for Sheppard’s Sanitarium and Hospital in Marshall.

For more information about the Young-Speed family tree, please contact Gary Endsley at Collins Academy.



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