Donnie Goes Fishing

untitledHope you were able to watch President Donald Trump in action July 4 and in the days preceding the Washington, D.C. celebration of our nation’s birthday.

He played the Democrats like a trout. Inspired by a Bastille Day celebration in Paris a couple of years ago, Trump wanted an event honoring the U.S. military for this country.

He ordered the inclusion of units from each service branch, fly-overs and the display of some armored vehicles. Although the armed inclusion and a presidential address were not unheard of in the nation’s capital, a more festive, non-presidential celebration had been the rule in recent years.

Plenty of folks objected to Trump taking over their party. In response to a photo of tanks on train tracks heading to the event, Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia, posted on Twitter: “This photo reminds me of parades I used to attend in the Soviet Union. Not the right look for the 4th.”

The Rev. William Barber, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, tweeted: “Trump is creating a spectacle of tanks & missiles on the National Mall where the great protests for civil & human rights have been held at a time when 140 million Americans are poor & low income. He thinks this is the sign of strength, but it’s a narcissistic travesty.”

From all the tears and anguish, you would have thought the July 4 celebration was being turned into a Red Square parade with goose-stepping troops and missiles when the only hardware on display were two M1A1 Abrams tanks, a Bradley fighting vehicle and a M88 tank retriever.

The vehicles were parked, not passing in review. Some liberals can not help themselves. They see the shadow of a helicopter pass overhead and they start ranting about military spending. They apparently find any hint of military strength offensive.

Anytime Trump makes a move toward traditional American values – like family, faith and service – you can count on talking heads of CNN and MSNBC to advise you that Donald is just playing to his base.

Trump may indeed be making his core supporters happy, but not in the way Chris Matthews thinks. When Trump throws out an idea like the July 4 parade, he can count on pushback from the left. An experienced angler, Trump casts the lure into the stream of public discourse.

Top-water critics rise to the bait. The rant that follows may please liberals, but can push moderates more to the right. Veterans have to wonder what is wrong with honoring our military on July 4. Without their efforts, we would not have much independence to celebrate.

Criticism of the Trump parade could make some question if there is room for them inside the Democratic Party’s alleged big tent. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that Mr. Trump, or someone pulling his strings, may be smart enough to recognize this form of fishing for voters.

It’s not Trump who wins new Republican voters, but the strident voices on the left wailing against him. I was surprised critics did not jump out of the Reflecting Pool at the number of times, Trump invoked the name of God in his address.

My math skills are not strong enough to keep count, but in the last two minutes, the President must have used the name of the Deity at least a half-dozen times, certainly more than was necessary or even reverent.

I believe it was Paul Tsongas, another failed Democratic candidate for President back in the last century, who said, “We’ll talk more about God when we campaign down South.” Certainly, separation of church and state is a real issue, but Democrats often take a jaundiced view of believers.

Certainly, many, possibly most, Democrats and liberals are believers, but the ones who grab airtime sing from a different hymnal. Another advantage Trump enjoys from his liberal baiting is the camouflage it provides for his many misspeaks, absurd Tweets and
outright lies.

One of the oddest missteps came during Trump’s July 4 speech. He claimed the Revolutionary army under George Washington quickly captured all the airports in the 13 colonies.

If Ethan Allen had thought of it, I am sure he would have captured the airport along with Ft. Ticonderoga, except there were no planes or airports in 1775.

If nothing else, the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue keeps the conversation focused on him.



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