$200 Reward Offered Swells to $1100 as Community Comes Together for ‘Adored’ Missing Dixie Dog



Updated:  7/7/19, 6:15 a.m. CDT
Posted:  7/6/19, 4:40 p.m. CDT

JEFFERSON – The reward for finding a local dog rescued from the Dixie Humane Society in December by Angie Hudson, owner of Made in the Shade, a popular boutique shop in downtown Jefferson, has more than doubled in three hours since the community has come together to find Buddy.

“As dogs can be unpredictable, the fireworks frightened him Thursday evening [July 4] and he escaped even though his family had taken precautions,” Christie Woodson wrote in a Facebook post about the missing dog.

The reward for the lost canine started at $200 but grew to $500 within three hours as word spread on Facebook.  An hour and a half later, the reward was $575 because of continued donations from the community.  As of this update, it has swelled to $1100.

Facebook posts alerting the community to canine Hudson’s missing status have been shared over a 1,000 times and are reaching as far away as Big Springs, TX and Fort Worth, TX.

“Hopefully the money will motivate someone if they have him,” Hudson said in a Facebook post announcing the now increased reward.

Buddy was traumatized and malnourished when Hudson rescued him from filthy conditions at the Dixie Humane Society in December.  Since then, Buddy has recovered with Hudson’s care and has become a bit of a celebrity around the Made in the Shade shop.

“Buddy is a sweet and timid boy who is adored by everyone. His family is heartbroken. It isn’t uncommon for dogs to be missing for several days and it is surprising how far they are capable of traveling. He does have a collar with his owner’s name and phone number embroidered on it,” Woodson continued in her post.

If you have any information about Buddy’s whereabouts, the public is asked to call (903) 521-8682 or (903) 665-2462.




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