3.4% Record Unemployment for Marion County, HOT Tax Back on Track

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JEFFERSON – Although key indicators fail to reflect rapid growth, the local economy appears robust when compared to many area small cities.

The City of Jefferson received a $66,950 sales tax rebate in June, virtually the same amount as the city received for the same month in 2018.

Although Linden reported a 19 percent improvement, that city received only $32,883. Daingerfield received $34,900, and Hallsville received $58,000.

“When you are around it all the time, you don’t realize how good you have it,” Jefferson Mayor Charles “Bubba” Haggard said.

Haggard remains upbeat about the local economic picture.

“A lot of places are a lot worse off,” Haggard said. “We’ve got a heck of a deal going here with 40 additional jobs being added.”

For the first six months of 2019, Jefferson has received sales tax rebates totaling $418,000, Linden $197,500, Daingerfield $211,000 and Hallsville $381,800.

Although the Hotel Occupancy Tax collected by the city experienced a drop in the first quarter, HOT tax revenue  appeared on track to meet budget expectations by the end of the second quarter.

During the last three months, the city received $33,493. To meet the $120,000 annual budget goal, the HOT tax must generate $32,084 during the next three months.

Haggard expressed satisfaction with the revenue stream being on target despite the closing of the Jefferson Hotel and other hotels being tardy with their tax payments.

“We’ll make about the same as last year,” Haggard said.

The HOT tax reflects the number of tourist rooms used in the city.

On a county basis, Marion County received $30,500 in June, a slight drop from 2018.

The employment picture also appears bright with Marion County boasting a 3.4 percent May unemployment rate.

Cass County had a 3.7 percent unemployment rate in May. Harrison County was at 3.4 percent. Morris County had a 4.4 percent rate.

The state also set a new record unemployment rate in May.

“This month’s record low unemployment rate of 3.5% highlights the competitive strength of our Texas economy and is a testament to the hard work of our Texas employers and skilled workforce,” said Texas Workforce Commission Chair and Commissioner Representing Employers Ruth R. Hughs. “Our economy is thriving across multiple industries, attracting new companies every day, showing that Texas is the best state in the nation to do business.”

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