MOVIE REVIEW | “Men In Black: International”

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Critics are not liking Men in Black: International at all, with a rotten Tomatometer score of only 24%. The audience is more forgiving, lending a rating of 65%, which is probably just right.

Directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, it’s a science fiction action comedy film, fourth in the franchise.

As a child, Molly Wright (Tessa Thompson) assists an alien in escaping capture by the Men in Black. Since her parents think she’s asleep, she isn’t noticed by the MIB agents, nor is she subjected to their neuralyzer (the memory eraser).

Fascinated and remembering everything, she spends the next twenty years coming up with a plan to become an agent herself.Molly seizes the chance when happening upon an alien landing, following the agents back to their headquarters.

UntitledkjImmediately caught as an intruder, she is brought before the head of MIB in New York, Agent O (Emma Thompson). In her witticism and allegiance to the field, somehow she’s able to convince Agent O to take a chance, making her a probationary agent assigned to the London branch.

It also marks the first duo of agents who are female – an overdue concept.In London she meets her dashing partner, the model-like, chiseled, Agent H (Chris Hemsworth). He’s high on charm, and coupled with her ease and confidence, a match with a lot of chemistry is made.

It’s soon apparent that the UK branch is infiltrated by a traitorous mole. The film borrows much from the structure and plot of the first, original movie, including some peripheral characters.

A high-ranking member of an alien royal family is assassinated onEarth, leaving behind a small, seemingly innocuous artifact being pursued by the scum of the universe.

The agents must now work together to make sure a weapon that can destroy worlds doesn’t fall into the hands of the bad guys.

They also are still tasked with uncovering the treacherous mole. In international style, the action shifts from America to London to Paris to Marrakech.

All in all, this reboot is high on style and low on substance, making MIB International not a must-see, but it’s also not terrible.

MIB: International is rated PG-13 and has a runtime of 120 minutes.


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