Book Review | “Astrotwins Project Blastof”

Review by Stacy Mills

Book Title: Astrotwins Project Blastoff
Book Author: Mark Kelly

astrotwins-project-blastoff-9781481415460_lgAstrotwins Project Blastoff’ is the first novel by retired astronaut Mark Kelly. As you may know, Mark Kelly commande the final mission of Space Shuttle Endeavor in May of 2011. All totaled, he flew in four space flights to the International Space Station.

His first picture book for children, Mousetronaut, earned him a #1 spot on the New York Times bestseller list. Who better, then, to write books for children about space and space travel than a full-fledged astronaut.

Mark and his twin brother, Scott, star in this novel about two young boys who are captivated with how things work. Although Mark and Scott are real-life twin brothers and astronauts and, according to Mark, as young boys did some pretty crazy stunts, they did not build a spacecraft in their Grandpa’s barn that launched into orbit.

As the book begins, Mark and Scott have just taken apart their dad’s computer. All is going well until they hear the clicking of their mother’s high heels on the kitchen floor. Oh no, they’ve been in this predicament before!

They hear an all too familiar, “Boys! What in the heck have you done now?” Little do their parents know that by sending them to Grandpa’s for what they think will be a time of reflection and some hard core repentance, the boys are instead inspired to build their own rocket and spaceship since they just witnessed on television the meeting of the USA and Soviet Union space modules in orbit.

Mark and Scott enlist the help of their friend Barry and their newfound friend Jenny, who they call “Egg” because she is a very smart girl. “Egg” introduces them to a boy named Howard, who helps them research their project at the library.

Finally, they meet Lisa. Lisa’s dad is one of the sponsors of the science fair. He is very supportive of the project the kids are working on since “Egg” has asked to submit the project for the science fair.

They end up naming their spacecraft “The Crazy 8” for the eight people involved in the project. This book is packed with adventure, science and some pretty comical antics by the brothers and their friends.

Throughout the book, the reader is given facts and information about the space program with first-hand knowledge from the author. This was a fun book to read! Astrotwins Project Blastoff is one of many space-related books available for check-out from Jefferson Carnegie Library.

The children’s summer reading program begins on June 5 and runs every Wednesday in June, plus July 3 and 10, from 10-11 a.m. It is open to any child who will be in grades K-5 during the 2019-2020 school year.

This year’s theme, “A Universe of Stories,” supports the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and man’s first steps on the moon.

Bring your children or grandchildren or invite your neighbor’s kids to blast off to Jefferson Carnegie Library this summer.



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