Police Probe Possible Cemetery Vandalism

Jimplecute News Editor

JEFFERSON – Local residents noticed various tombstones toppled in the Cedar Grove Cemetery recently and complained to the Jefferson Police Department.

“We’re treating it as vandalism,” Chief Gary Amburn said. While the damage did not appear wide-spread at Cedar Grove, visitors could not fail to notice that some of the tombstones were no longer mounted on their bases.

The callous destruction disturbed the tranquility of the peaceful spot near W.F. Lockett Stadium.

“We are looking into it,” Amburn assured residents.

Mary Edmond finds the destruction of tombstones offensive. “My entire family is there,” Edmond said. “I will be buried there. I think it is disrespecting my family and anyone who has a relative there.”

Edmond thought a gate at the cemetery entrance might help, but would not stop someone from climbing over the fence.

Citizens who may have information about vandalism of the tombstones in Cedar Grove Cemetery are encouraged to contact JPD at (903) 665 – 2432.


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